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TERPSIKHORE (Music Info Player)

TERPSIKHORE (Music Info Player)

GTH35232- 1169 - TPC42716- 550

TERPSIKHORE the Greek goddesses of music, song and dance, was one of the nine Mousai (Muses).

This Rainmeter Skin includes 2 skins, that work as one, the Music Info Player with Visualizer and the Wallpaper.

Supported players:
• AIMP: Fully supported.

• Foobar2000: Fully supported. The foo cad plugin needs to be installed. Download from this address: (

• iTunes: Fully supported.

• J. River Media:
Fully supported through the CAD interface, more information

• MediaMonkey: Fully supported.

• MusicBee: Fully supported.

• Winamp: Fully supported.

• WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER: Fully supported.

• Spotify: Partially supported. Spotify logo, Artist, Track and Play/Pause, Stop, Next, and Previous are available.

Stay tuned, more suites and skins will follow.

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GTH35232- 1169 - TPC42716- 550

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