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HADES ( Resizable Suite )

HADES ( Resizable Suite )

In Greek mythology Hades was the king of the underworld and god of the dead. Hades was also the god of the hidden wealth of the earth. The Romans named him Pluto, the Latin form of his Greek title Plouton, "the Lord of Riches.

This Resizable Rainmeter Suite includes 5 skins:
• Date skin
• Time skin
• Weather skin
• Music Info/Player skin
• Reminder skin
• and the Wallpaper.

-The Weather needs configuration for your home town, click on the weather Icon and the settings window will appear, there you can personalize the weather and time format, it is easy, there are detailed instructions. To see the changes please hit enter close the settings window and refresh the skin, by right clicking on the skin, a popup menu will appear with the command “Refresh skin”.

- Music Info/Player supported players:
• AIMP: Fully supported.
• Foobar2000: Fully supported. The foo cad plugin needs to be installed. Download from this address: (
• iTunes: Fully supported.
• J. River Media:
Fully supported through the CAD interface, more information
• MediaMonkey: Fully supported.
• MusicBee: Fully supported.
• Winamp: Fully supported.
• Windows Media Player: Fully supported.
• Spotify: Partially supported. Artist, Track and Play/Pause, Stop, Next, and Previous are available.

- The Reminder has instructions on startup, you only need to click on the pen shape to add or delete notes:
- The rest skins don’t need any instructions.
-You can change the size* of these skins by pointing the cursor on any part of it and scroll the mouse wheel forward or backward. Don’t do it fast, it may crash the Rainmeter, in this case, just run again the Rainmeter and everything will be OK.
- You can always rearrange the place of a skin on your desktop, enable or disable any of them or use a different wallpaper, according to your personal taste and needs.

Stay tuned, more suites and skins will follow.
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